Welcome to the Blog!

This is my first post, I suppose.  I finally gave up on coming up with a clever title, but at least the three or so people reading this will be able to remember the url now.  I am still futzing around with the design trying to get it right, but it shouldn’t change too much more.  The background image is the Queen Mary’s library–isn’t it gorgeous?

So.  This is a study abroad blog.  Here will be posted memorable pictures (though more will likely go on facebook), exciting British-y or geeky things that happen that make me happy, and hopefully, reviews of every play I get to go see.  I want to remember that one of the main reasons I chose to go to London was to be in a vibrant theater (theatre) city, and I should take advantage of that by seeing as many shows as I can on my admittedly meager (meagre) budget and then write a review for each so that I can remember them.  (Side note: I haven’t decided which form of English I’m using for the blog yet.  I’ll get back to you on that.)

We’ll see how this goes.


Also, I had an About page, but I don’t know where it went after I switched themes, so just basic info if you don’t know:

I’m Natalie, an English and Theater double-major who is spending the next five months studying at Queen Mary, University of London.  This will be my anglophile-geek dream come true, and hopefully much excitement will be expressed on this blog.


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