Ah, the glories of having internet again…

Seriously.  They wanted to wait until Monday to give us our network passwords.  I hate to be too internet-dependent, but how am I supposed to navigate this city I don’t know all by myself without Google maps?  Though granted, I just got rather ridiculously lost looking for the supermarket tonight even with internet help (I found it eventually!).

Highlights of the past 48 hours:

-My master plan to avoid jetlag failed miserably, thus resulting in my arrival in London on absolutely zero sleep, with poor memory and an inability to pronounce words with multiple syllables.  Great for making friends.

-The study abroad program here is 90% American students, and most of the English ones aren’t here yet, so I don’t actually really feel like I’m in England.  Hopefully this will change soon when the rest of the people show up.  Also, I keep hearing doors and voices in my flat but then I open the door and no one’s there.  I had decided my flat was haunted until I finally met the girl next door this afternoon, but I have no idea how many other people are here.

-Literally every study abroad student came to dinner last night and said, “I love my room, but my kitchen is disgusting!”  I concur.  The dirty dishes sitting in the sink and the funny smell must indicate there are other people in here though, right?  Right?

-I will upload pictures of my room once I get some decorations to put on the walls, because right now it’s rather empty and dorm-y.  It’s bigger than my room at Wes was, though, and carpeted.

-Course (or as they’re called here, module) registration today was incredibly stressful.  I ran around trying to find out when classes were and what was still open, waited in massive lines to talk to people, drew myself potential schedules…imagine your course registration program enacted in real time with physical people.  But I did end up with four classes I really like and am really excited for:

  • Terror, Transgression and Astonishment: the Gothic in the Long Nineteenth Century
  • Madness and Medicine in Modern Britain
  • The Scene of Writing
  • Reading Theatre

I only have nine hours of class a week, and none on Wednesdays or Fridays.  Adventures will ensue!  Or something.

-All of the ATMs here claim to be fee-free and they’re all LYING.

-Finally, my discovery that Queen Mary is smack dab in the middle of the Indian neighborhood of London.  Score!  There are some very interesting fusion fast food shops, and the restaurant across the street from campus has a 5-pound lunch buffet plus a student discount.  (Side note: how do I make the pound sign on an American laptop?)

I still don’t have a phone, or silverware, or any idea who’s living with me right now, but I am on my way to becoming a competent Londoner!  I think.  Pictures to come when I have more besides the few of Westminster Abbey and the London Eye when the airport shuttle passed them on the way to the airport.

Programming note: Anyone can comment on this blog, you just need to give it your email address.  So, don’t be shy, the three people who have viewed this blog!  Tell me what you think.


One response to “Ah, the glories of having internet again…

  1. Kelly Sacks

    Oh, I am so envying you! It’s like viewing a sitcom show through your blogs.

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