First Week of Classes

Since this seems like the main thing the grown-ups following this blog seem to want to know about, I thought I’d write up a short summary of my classes and related complications during week 1.  Here are some thoughts:

-I do not understand the purpose of lectures in English and the humanities.  AT ALL.  I came out of every lecture not understanding what I was doing in the class, and then we had seminar and I fell in love with them again.  Why can’t we just talk about our feelings about the books all the time?  The only lecture that was moderately interesting was my History lecture, and that was mostly because we hadn’t had any readings yet and it was just a background to mental illness throughout history.

-No one will tell you what time your classes are until you go to the department offices and ask them yourself.  It’s very frustrating, and it was even worse trying to find locations.  Now that I’ve been to all of my classes once, though, I feel much better about the whole thing.  Monday was largely spent running around in circles hunting down information.

-I was really excited about my first Reading Theatre class this morning and really enjoyed the reading and then the professor never showed up.  Apparently she was sick and forgot to email us.  GOOD JOB.  There seem to be some cool people in that class though, from the like 20 minutes of socializing we had before I got annoyed at other people not doing anything and called the Drama office myself to see what was up.

On the whole, I’m pretty happy with my classes, though.  They are all on topics that I’m really interested in, and the only one that has a really heavy reading load is Gothic Literature–and as an English major, I have kind of learned that that’s just what English lit classes are like.

In other news, I don’t have classes on Wednesdays, so I have declared Wednesdays to officially be Adventure Days, where I go and explore some interesting part of London.  Yesterday I went with a friend to Westminster and Trafalgar Square and touristed around and bought some books and a pretty poster of the part of Westminster we were just in.  I’m still trying to come up with what to do this weekend since I don’t think I’m ready to leave the city yet, maybe go to Camden Market or the Museum of London or something.  (There is a little market that pops up on campus on Thursdays that is awesome and has phenomenally priced produce, but it’s not very big, and larger markets have other kinds of shopping too.)

I have made a few American friends but am still waiting to actually meet English people besides a quick intro during class.  It’s hard to know exactly where to go without the help of people who actually know the city.  The club fair is on Tuesday, which should help, and then I get to go try to join ALL THE CLUBS.  I mean, societies.  Anyway.

Have another picture of Big Ben.  It was gorgeous out yesterday.  For all you grumpy weather naysayers, I have yet to see it rain here.  So there.



One response to “First Week of Classes

  1. Harlan & Sally Johnson

    Natalie, Your letters are sooo interesting. I have read this one twice and I just opened it. I noticed that you are taking Gothic England. I hope that you remember a lot of this subject (because as you get older you will want to have this information for family studies. My mother was a Gentry and the Gentry’s came from County Essex, England. This Nicholas Gentry came from County Essex on a ship to Virginia in the 1600’s to fight in the Bacon Rebillion. He stayed after the fighting was over and over the generations his ancestors landed in Nebraska City, Nebraska. I could just go on and on and on. Anyway, that is just for starters. Harlan and I anxiously await your next letter. We love you. G&G Johns

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