Photos: Doctor Who Night / General Life Updates

I meant to post these photos a while ago, but there weren’t really enough to justify their own post, and then I haven’t done anything else since that was scenic enough to be worth taking pictures.  But I don’t want to just lump them into a travel photos post because that would just be disorganized and distracting.  So.

Doctor Who Night was Saturday 19 January, as part of the Totally Serialized TV Series Festival at the Institut Francais.  I have no idea why the French people hold this festival, but essentially it’s a week of master classes, talks, tv screenings, etc. all having to do with tv.  I was really tempted to go back for the screenwriters roundtable and the Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham in Downton Abbey) talk, but alas, too much work that week.

Anyway.  The event consisted of screenings of three of the most overtly ‘scary’ New Who episodes (Blink, Midnight, and The God Complex) on a full-sized movie screen, a Q&A session with Toby Whithouse (who wrote The God Complex, along with several other Who episodes, and is the creator of Being Human), an absurdly difficult trivia quiz, and some free alcohol.  All in a good night’s work.  The night was fun, if not totally spectacular–apparently none of the previously hinted-at ‘special guests’ could make it, but it was still great to see the wide variety of people who watch Doctor Who all come together and to hear Toby Whithouse talk.  Most of his insights were things I had already heard before or could easily guess (that hideous ’80s hotel in The God Complex really does exist, Steven Moffat sounds just as irritating of a person as I would expect him to be), but he did have some interesting screenwriting advice.  My favorite was that if you don’t have actors pre-cast for the roles you’re writing, mentally cast it in your head with your dream cast, and who knows, you might even get some of them when it actually gets filmed.

Most of my photos are just from the entrance hall of the Institut Francais.  They had these really awesome projections on every wall all the way up to the theatre, and they were a lot of fun to play with.  Now, what was it they said about the image of an Angel becoming an Angel…?

My other main exciting event was getting to go on a backstage tour of the National Theatre with some other study abroad students, but they wouldn’t let us take pictures because of copyright infringement.  It was pretty cool, but also kind of just proved that backstage looks the same more or less everywhere.  The set of The Magistrate is phenomenal though, especially when you’re directly beneath it and can see how they put the whole thing together.

I haven’t done too much else worthy of note besides those.  I’m getting more involved in Fencing Club and Theatre Club (hopefully I will have exciting theatre-related news for you all soon, but I don’t want to jinx it!), and my classes are, well, let’s just say maybe there’s a reason my Wesleyan classes are twice as expensive as these ones are.  Liberal arts education is a beautiful concept, and I still wish other students tried more in class.  I am going to stay positive, though–my history class is phenomenal, and I am at least enjoying my reading for all of my courses.

There was a little side note in Gothic Lit this week about how all of these writers we’re reading were active at the same time as Jane Austen, and were just as popular as she was.  So if you think boring, snooty, sarcastic writing where nothing actually happens is the only thing that was going on in early nineteenth-century England, I would like to introduce you to Charlotte Dacre, who wrote mildly pornographic (for the time) novels about women who chained up their romantic rivals in caves and then later brutally murdered them.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Proving for two hundred years that writing by-women-for-women can in fact be fun, engaging, and full of real action instead of just characters sitting around in the countryside being moody.

Anyways, I think that’s all that’s up with me at the moment.  Stay tuned for news about my first weekend trip to Glasgow and my first West End musical!


One response to “Photos: Doctor Who Night / General Life Updates

  1. Harlan & Sally Johnson

    I loved your description of Dr. Who Night, I was a major in English when I was in college. I must say that I got to page 9 of Pride and Prej……. Charlotte Docre sounds as if I would like her very much. I will see if I can find her at the library. Have a good time over there. I wish that I was with you. Grandma J

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