Photos: Glasgow

And finally, I have time to put up the photos from Glasgow.  It has just been such a crazy whirlwind week, I haven’t had the time to sit down and go through pictures until now.  So, here are my Glasgow adventures!

My friend Athena and I were originally supposed to travel with her flatmate and a few of the flatmate’s friends, but that kind of fell apart, so it turned into just the two of us instead.  We almost missed out shuttle to the airport, due to underestimating how slowly the District Line of the Tube moves during rush hour, but once we managed that part travel went fairly smoothly.  We flew to Glasgow in like an hour (flying seems to almost always be cheaper than taking the train these days), and our flight got in early so we got an earlier bus to the city so we got to the hostel at about 10pm instead of our expected midnight.  This hostel was fantastic–well-stocked kitchen, comfortable beds, clean sheets, friendly staff.  It had some iffy reviews so I was a little worried, but I don’t know what those people were complaining about.  The place was fine, and a really good price too.

It was also extraordinarily well located.  We decided once we got there to go out exploring for a little while, only to learn that Glasgow is apparently full of university students, and that our hostel was about two minutes away from the street that has all of the nightclubs on it.  I hadn’t expected to really go out at night while we were there at all, but we ended up going clubbing both Friday and Saturday nights, and it was a ton of fun (and for a tiny fraction of what it would have cost in London, too).

Saturday morning, we went out and explored downtown Glasgow.  We spent a lot of time in the Mitchell Library, which is gorgeous and a block away from the hostel.  Then we headed down the main stretch, which has a ton of shopping, and just explored.  There were a lot of street musicians out, about half of whom were bagpipers and half of whom were your traditional guitar/ukulele hipsters.  I would have taken more street musician photos, but a lot of them were actually pretty young kids playing bagpipes, which was adorable, but I kind of felt bad taking pictures of them.

We found Princes Square, which is a weirdly beautiful shopping center, and had ‘authentic Scottish food’ for lunch, apparently.  Then we went to the Lighthouse, which is a tall tower that apparently is mainly used for conferences but they let tourists climb to the top because it has a great view of all of Glasgow.  We wandered down to Glasgow Green, which is a large park with a lot of monuments in it, and found the People’s Palace (a museum), unfortunately right after it closed so we couldn’t go in.  By that point I was completely exhausted, so we made our way back through town to the hostel to rest up before going out again to a larger club that night.

Sunday consisted of some more serious shopping (I bought a pair of jeans and a pair of Converse, both of which I rather desperately needed), as well as some silly tourist shopping.  Plus an Indian buffet lunch (it’s the UK, there’s Indian food everywhere).  Then for lack of anything better to do, we wandered a bit off the main stretch and found the city centre, George Square, and the Gallery of Modern Art.  The art gallery was really interesting, but unfortunately we only saw half of it before we got kicked out so they could close–why must every museum close at 5pm?

Then we headed to the bus station, to the airport, took a plane back, and again got back early and got an earlier shuttle than planned and made it home well in time to watch the Superbowl.  I had a lot of fun this weekend, and though I wished we had managed to leave downtown Glasgow a little more to see more things, we did about all we could manage on limited transportation.  It was a nice little weekend trip, and I’ve decided I love Scotland now.  I can’t wait to go back to see Edinburgh.  For now, though, the next potential weekend trip appears to be Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day.  Should be interesting…

In other news, for the few of you who haven’t seen on facebook already, I am directing the play I wrote last summer (Shooting in the Dark) for the Queen Mary Theatre Company next month!  We get about three weeks of rehearsal time, and the show’s like an hour long, so I’m going to have a really intense next few weeks.  But still, I’m super excited.  I finally get to cast one of my shows and see it go up on a real stage (and a really nice one, too).  The show is sometime during the weekend of March 1-3.  Wish me luck!


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