Review(ish): New Writers’ Festival at QMUL

While it seems somewhat silly to be writing a review for shows in a festival that my play is also a part of, given that this blog also serves the purpose of reminding me of all the shows I’ve seen in London, I thought I should do a quick write-up of the other shows I have seen in the festival thus far.

My Whirlwind Romance With An Undisclosed A List Celebrity Which Was All Too Brief But Still Very Nice is a seven-minute monologue written by Rachel Crawford and performed by Izzi Richardson, and the title says it all. Written in a sing-song half-rhyming verse, the piece follows the main character through her meeting, head-over-heels romance, and eventual estrangement with a certain A-list celebrity who is, ultimately, disclosed. 

What’s Your Colour? written by Carol Bass and directed by Rob Jopson, is a story of a shy boy trying to lose his virginity in a world where one’s skin colour is determined by the number of sexual partners one has had. The pieces intermingles the craziness of typical college hijinks with a real consideration of the dark and disturbing prejudices our society maintains regarding sex. The virgin meets the whore, and we get the troubling question, ‘How can I hide who I am when it’s written all over my skin?’ Only in this world can we really see how reductive and ultimately wrong such snap judgments can be.

Underground, written and directed by Alfie Sowden and Oli Branton, is the story of a man who just misses his train at the Tube station. In the twenty minutes he has to wait before the next one, we witness a quick but revealing glimpse into the life of a quiet but extremely troubled young man and his loss of the will to live. Mixing raw comedic characters with the solemn contemplation of death, Underground is a jarring piece, but every emotion we see represented on stage feels unapologetically real.

I honestly have no idea what the last play, All My Friends are Superheroes, is about, since they put it directly before mine both in dress rehearsals and the actual program. All I know is that they left the stage coated in glitter and then ran off to let us deal with it, for which I am still extremely pissed off. Don’t care if the show was good; don’t glitter bomb the stage and NOT TELL ANYONE when you’re not the last play of the night! 

Anyway. Shooting in the Dark goes up tonight, and will be filmed. I’m going to take pictures today and I will post them sometime this week when I have time. Wish me luck!


One response to “Review(ish): New Writers’ Festival at QMUL

  1. Harlan & Sally Johnson

    Wish, wish, wish you luck. It is so cold here in Arkansas. It feels like it is coming from Alaska. I don’t remember the cold feeling this cold in Nebraska. Katie, the dog, wants to go out every 15 minutes and just stand out there and look around. My teeth are chattering and she is happy as a bug.. Have fun there in London.  Grandma Johnson

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