Photos: Assorted London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stonehenge, Cardiff

And it’s photo time! Here are all of the pictures that were on my camera from before the grand European tour (see my next post). Events covered in this post:

-The London Chocolate Festival, in which I ate ALL the free samples and looked at adorable Easter-themed animals made of chocolate

-Trafalgar Square, because of the one time I happened to be there in daylight. I pass through there all the time, but rarely with both my camera and adequate lighting.

-Stratford-upon-Avon, aka Shakespeare’s birthplace. The Royal Shakespeare Company is based there, way out in the Midlands, and I went to see Hamlet. I was there too late in the day to go see any of the tourist attractions on the inside, but there are a fair number of photos of buildings. My review of the show is in my previous post.

-Stonehenge, which we drove out to the day after Stratford. We got lost, as expected. Less expected and mildly disappointing: how incredibly touristy they’ve made Stonehenge. You have to pay to get in, it’s surrounded by fences, and you can’t even get particularly close to it on the path they make you stay on–unless you pay for the 85-pound all-access tour, that is. One of my photos still has some of the fences in it. (Also: NEVER drive in London. EVER. It’s not worth it.)

-The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, generally known as one of the most bizarre collections of stuff thrown into a museum that you could think of. There are a lot of sculptures and architecture, various rooms about East Asian cultures, and an entire floor just about silver. Why not?

-Cardiff, Wales. Cardiff apparently only contains two real tourist attractions, Cardiff Castle and the Doctor Who Experience. You can guess which one I was more excited for. The DW Experience is this interactive tour-style thing they take you through, where you go on an adventure to save the Doctor, fly the TARDIS, get captured by Daleks, and the like. There are no pictures during that section, but then you get to go into a part where they just have tons and tons of replicas of TARDISes, characters, monsters, gadgets, anything you can think of. It’s a ton of fun, and I highly recommend it.

-The annual Oxford vs. Cambridge crew race down the Thames, in Hammersmith

Now here, have some photos!

Next post: the Grand European Tour!


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