Photos: Margaret Thatcher, the Globe, etc.

Hello everyone! I haven’t been posting much lately because on the whole, my life is rather boring right now. It’s finals, what can you do. I have written two of my three essays so I just have one paper and one exam left. Of course, said exam is exactly a month from now, so I’ll still be around for a while yet.

Anyway! This smaller photo post has the various interesting things that I have done this week. First is Margaret Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday. I couldn’t get close enough to St. Paul’s to see the Queen, Prime Minister, etc. arrive, but I did get a pretty good view of the parade. I have decided that there must be a rule that every military uniform in the UK must involve a silly hat. I know there were protestors along the route, but there were none where I was. Everyone was very respectful, applauding when the coffin came by and then when the entire parade reversed itself as the soldiers left. Then, later that day since it was gorgeous out and I was in the area, I went to Regent’s Park.

The other photos are from today. I went to Brick Lane, famous for its market and amazing Indian food (which did not disappoint), then swung over to the Globe for the Shakespeare’s birthday festivities. This was the children’s portion and it was totally packed, but I still enjoyed getting to see everything. Finally, I couldn’t be out today without running into the London Marathon somewhere. Apparently there is this thing where people in the marathon dress up as various ridiculous things when they run. There were a lot of superheroes and animals, and Sonic the Hedgehog was a particularly popular choice, but others were just bizarre. Anyway, if you thought running a marathon was hard, try doing it in a full bodysuit costume. I caught as many oddities on camera as I could manage.


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